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Garage Door Spring Repair Ventura County CA

Extension & Torsion Springs

Garage Door Spring Repair Ventura County CAGarage door springs are the lifeblood of the garage door. Although, you might believe that your garage door opener is, in fact, the most important part of the garage door. Even though, the opener does, in fact, move the garage door. It is the springs that make the garage door seem light. You can see an example of this in a garage door that doesn’t have an opener. A person can operate it with ease. Why is that? Simply put the garage doors generate the counter-weight for the garage door. Garage doors are essentially pulley systems and the weight that the garage door has is matched by the springs.

This is the reason why taking care of your spring and replacing them is so important. Although, your garage door might still work with a single spring. As mentioned before, your springs together generate the counter weight. If only one is doing the job of both then you must not continue operating your garage door. You could cause more damage to the other components of the garage to the point the garage door might come off its track.

Fortunately, no matter what issue you’ve run into concerning your spring our professional technicians can get it sorted out for you. After all, it’s what they’re trained to do.

New Spring Installation

Torsion Springs and Extension Springs

Are you considering having a new set of garage door springs installed? In order to make it easier for you make sure you do the following. First, identify the type of spring system your garage door uses. This might seem a little difficult but it’s the easiest part of this process. Simply look at the springs displayed above and yours should look like these. Another method is to note where the garage door springs are installed. For torsion springs check above your garage door itself when it’s shut. Conversely, for extension springs check beside the garage door.

Next, you will need some measurements. Doing a quick google for how to find x garage door spring size should help. Once you have your garage spring type and measurements you can get an exact estimate on your garage door spring.

Fortunately, if you would simply like to have it all done for you, we can do it. We will dispatch a technician with some standard springs and they can install a garage door spring system that’s perfect for your garage door. Give us a call today at (877) 216-4135 to get your garage door springs installed the very same day!

Cable Services

garage door cable repairThe garage door cables help to balance the garage door to help the garage door springs. As mentioned before the garage door has a symphony of parts working together. The cables are yet another important aspect of the garage door. Both for safety and performance of the garage door. If your garage door springs were to break the cables are what keeps it from swinging wildly in your garage reducing the amount of damage. Of course, if they are old, damaged, or rusty they will not perform the way that they should.

Here at Garage Door Repair Ventura County CA we understand this and that is why our technicians will always make recommendations based on their experience to make sure your garage door is both safe and functional. Give us a call today to have our qualified technician stop by and fix your garage door cables today!

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